History of the House

The journey of discovery concerning the birthplace home of Curly Lambeau began in the summer of 2003. After reading a book about Curly Lambeau, it was decided that an attempt be made to find his birthplace home.

Various places in Brown County containing historical records were visited throughout the summer and fall of 2003. Despite many hours of research, it was only after a family friend casually mentioned that streets in East Green Bay had been numbered in the late 19th Century rather than having their current names. Subsequent research then lead to the discovery of the Curly Lambeau's birthplace home at 615 North Irwin Avenue.

Further research proved that the home was not only the birthplace home of Curly Lambeau, but was also one of the oldest houses in Green Bay still standing on its original foundation with its original exterior walls. Four families, the Hanamanns, the Olsons, the Calewartses and Ronks purchased the home. The exterior of the home was renovated by the investors. The home has now become one of Green Bay's Historical Landmarks.