Charitable Foundation

In order to properly restore three of the windows on the Birthplace Home of Curly Lambeau, several bricks needed to be replaced. As a result of the restoration, 104 original bricks were recovered from Curly’s Civil War era birthplace home. We have therefore issued 104 Limited Edition bricks. A Brick will be given to each individual or entity that donates the sum of $2,000 or more to the “Friends of Nicolet School, Inc.”. The Friends of Nicolet School is a tax-exempt corporation. Therefore, the full amount of your donation will be tax-deductible. The 501(c)(3) tax exempt number will be furnished to any donor upon request.

One or more of the remaining commemorative bricks can be purchased by contacting Jeanne Calewarts at (920) 336-9217 or at [email protected]. Shipping is included in the cost of each commemorative brick.